My name is Elizabeth and I wrote the "Too Sexy" series of books to encourage, inspire and help those giving and receiving care. I began experiencing symptoms of ALS in the summer of 2005, while training for a marathon. After fighting a deadly disease for 14 years, being bedbound for 3 years, and having approximately 400 caregivers - I have learned a bit about what works! Faith and humor are my keys to success! 


About the Author

Elizabeth Ann Smith was born and raised near Kansas City, Missouri. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University and the University of Missouri, Kansas City. An avid traveler, she loves diverse cultures. An athlete, focused on running and skiing. As a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, she was an actor in several movies, TV appearances and performed stand-up comedy in Las Angeles, California. She worked for a private law firm, pharmaceutical companies, luxury car brands, and owned her own textile business called, Christian Chicks, LLC. In 2005 at the age of 30, Elizabeth began experiencing symptoms of ALS or Lou Gherig's disease.

Since writing her books, she has been invited to be a guest speaker for various groups. Her speaking engagements are powerful, inspirational, and eye opening. She writes and speaks using a special computer that operates by blinking her eyes to select each letter. The first book in the series, Too Sexy for My Bedpan: How to Give and Receive Care, gives her personal story as well as offers valuable information for those giving and receiving care. The second book in the series, Too Sexy for ALS: How to Fight for Your Life With Everything You Got!, is a powerful motivational book offering insight on spiritual principles she has used to overcome. The third book in the series, Too Sexy for My Caregiver: How to Find and Manage Good Care, details everything you need to know about building your care team. You don't have to learn the hard way, get the 'Too Sexy' series and be prepared for it all!  


Behind the scenes at "Too Sexy"

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Alena Martinez has been with the team eighteen months and is a nursing student who has an interest in politics and hydroponic marijuana. 


Amanda Adair has been with the team two years. She loves hard Christian rock, Star Trek, Star Wars and hydroponic marijuana.


Carie Erickson has been with the team almost two years and enjoys riding through the canyon on her Harley Davidson. She is the reigning bedpan queen, which is why she is holding a toilet.


Cassie Clerkin joined the team six months ago. She enjoys teatime in the afternoon, sniffing my armpits and is a huge Broncos fan.


Tanya Snow is fairly new  to the team. She is a wonderful chauffeur,  is interested in holistic health and the law of attraction, just like me! 


Nutter Butter, A.K.A, Diego, would like me to tell you that he was here before all these bitches. He has more personality in his tail than most animals have in their whole body. He enjoys the heating pad, constant petting and a nightly humping of my elbow.